Deepty Jain, Ph.D. (IIT Delhi, India), Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Transportation Planning, Low Carbon Mobility, Built Environment Studies, Sustainable Urban Transport, Risk Mitigation and Adaptation.
Dr Jain is an architect and planner by training with specialization in transportation planning, built environment studies, social-environmental impact assessment with special focus on marginalized groups, behavioral analysis and urban planning. Her work focusses on low carbon mobility, SDGs, climate change mitigation, adaptation choices and resilient cities and communities. 
Her Ph.D. contributed to 1) selection and development of low carbon mobility indicators relevant for Indian cities, 2) development and testing of new built environment indicators for Indian cities, 3) methodology for estimating population at spatially disaggregated scale, 4) addressing limitations in income data for travel behavior studies, and 5) development and application of scenario-based tool for policy assessment. Her thesis has significantly contributed to the Revised-Comprehensive Mobility Planning Toolkit which was adopted by Ministry of Urban Development in 2014.
Her recent work focuses on assessing adaptation capacity and identification of strategies to build resilient infrastructure, cities and communities. Prior to joining Indian Institute of Technology, she was an Assistant Professor at TERI School of Advanced Studies. Her project “Air QUality Impact on Transport choices – AQUIT” funded by Central Pollution Control Board contributes towards understanding nexus between air quality, built environment and transport choices for Delhi while exploring understanding vulnerability of the vulnerable road users in degraded air quality conditions. This work helps in measuring uncertainties in future transport planning.

Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Centre

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