International Course on Road Safety 23 November - 07 December 2023, TRIP Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


The Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Centre (TRIP Centre), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, is organizing its 33rd International Course on Road Safety at the IIT Delhi campus in Hauz Khas, New Delhi, India, from the 23rd of November to the 7th of December 2023.

Course Objectives

This two-week course will give a global perspective on the road safety problem and provide state-of-the-art information on the multiplicity of issues surrounding road safety, with particular attention to road safety in LMICs. In addition to modules on Road Safety, Field Audits, and Vehicle Safety Technology, this year’s course will have an exciting new module called “Governance of Road Safety Policy & Planning.”

The participants, and instructors will be an interdisciplinary group of traffic and road engineers, civil, mechanical and automotive engineers, transport and city planners, travel behaviour experts, policy scholars, and law enforcement personnel.

The first three days will include a common module (Module 1) for all participants, followed by parallel modules on Road Safety (Module 2A), Road Safety & Field Audits (Module 2B), Vehicle Safety Technology (Module 3), and Governance of Road Safety Policy and Planning (Module 4)

Participants interested in earning certification as Road Safety Auditors must fulfill the requirements prescribed by the Indian Road Congress (IRC), including submission of a practical audit report and taking a written exam. On successful completion, and payment of additional fees as required by IRC, these participants will receive a "Road Safety Auditors’ Certificate.”

By the end of the Course, all participants will gain information of:

·        The latest scientific knowledge regarding traffic planning, prevention of traffic accidents and injuries

·        Policies and methods, which have been shown to be successful and those that have not worked in the past


The Course will have a limited number of participants. The participants will be selected based on their involvement in transportation planning and road safety research, involvement in policy making and implementation of safety measures. An attempt will be made to have a balanced mix of engineers, planners, law enforcers, policy makers, and social scientists. To allow full engagement with the course, all participants must have a working knowledge of English.

Participants who wish to obtain IRC Certification must have minimum qualification of B.E / B. Tech. (Civil Engineering).

Host Institution

The Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Centre (TRIP Centre), Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India, will host the course. The TRIP Centre is a WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Safety Technology. TRIP Centre faculty have expertise in epidemiological studies, design of vehicles and safety equipment, traffic flow modelling, transportation planning, highway design, large-scale public infrastructure design and construction, policy studies, urban studies, and care of injured persons.

The course is taught by world-class experts from around the globe. Instructors include members of the TRIP Centre faculty, associated faculty members from other departments, centres and schools at IIT Delhi, and academics, researchers and practitioners from countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. All course instructors have been involved in safety research for a decade or more.
Course Outline

Course Schedule

Module 1 (Common for all participants, November 23, 24 & 25)

·     International overview of injuries

·     Injury as a public health problem

·     Systems approach to injury control

·     Enforcement legislation and education

·     Data analysis and risk factors

·     Human tolerance to injury

Module 2A (November 27 to December 5)

Road Safety

·     Traffic safety

·     Urban transport planning

·     Traffic calming

·     Highway safety audit

·     Public transport safety

·     Non-motorised transport safety


Module 2B (November 27 to December 7)

Road Safety + Audit

·     Module 2A


·     Field audit

·     Submission of practical audit report

·     Written exam

Module 3 (November 27 to 29)

Vehicle Safety Technology

·     Vehicle system dynamics

·     Biomechanics & crashworthiness

·     Frequency and nature of injuries

·     Biomechanics of impact

·     Injury severity scaling

·     Vehicle crashworthiness


Module 4 (November 27 to 29)

Governance of Road Safety Policy and Planning

·      Importance of governance in society and road safety

·      Leveraging governance for delivery of road safety solutions

Leading and managing implementation of road safety solutions


* Indian industry, Public sector OR International participants  - INR 64,000 or US$ 800

* Indian educational institutions and research organisations - INR 32,000

* Indian students OR International Students - INR 12,000 OR US$ 150

ROAD SAFETY + AUDIT (with IRC Certificate) (Module 2B) 

For Delegates  - INR 88,500 (tax inclusive) + IRC license fee - INR 8850

* For Students - INR 25,000 (tax inclusive)  + IRC License fee - INR 2500


*Indian industry, Public sector and international participants - INR 32,000 OR US$ 400

* Indian educational institutions and research organisations - INR 16,000

* Indian students OR International students - INR 8000 or US$ 100

Fees are inclusive of 18% GST


*Very limited funds are available for partial support.

*For details please refer to the course application form


*All applicants must complete the course application form and submit a brief biodata.

Course Coordinator

Prof. Girish Agrawal

Prof. Rahul Goel

Prof. Sudipto Mukherjee

Faculty Members

Anoop Chawla ,IIT Delhi, India: Crash Modeling

Andres Villaveces, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, USA

Deepty Jain, IIT Delhi, India : Built environment and travel behavior

Geetam Tiwari, IIT Delhi, India: Transportation Planning and Traffic Safety

Girish Agrawal, IIT Delhi, India: Road Safety Law & Policy and Urban Transport Infrastructure

Hermann Knoflacher, Institute for Transport Sciences, University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Husain Kanchwala, IIT Delhi, India: Vehicle Dynamics

Karin Brolin, Lightness by Design AB, Sweden : Biomechanics

K. R. Rao, IIT Delhi, India : Transportation Engineering

Kavi Bhalla, University of Chicago, USA: Injury, Epidemiology and Global Health

Kaushik Mukherjee, IIT Delhi, India : Biomechanics

K. N. Jha, IIT Delhi, India : Structure and Construction Safety

Lokesh Kumar Kalahasthi, IIT Delhi, India : Freight planning

Meleckidzedeck Khayesi. WHO, Geneva : Governance and Institutions

Puneet Mahajan, IIT Delhi, India : Crash helmets & Human vibration

Rahul Goel, IIT Delhi, India: Traffic Safety

Sai Chand, IIT Delhi, India : ITS and Road Safety

Sanjeev Sanghi, IIT Delhi, India : Crash helmets & Turbulent flow

Sudipto Mukherjee, IIT Delhi, India : Crashworthiness mechanics

Shrikant Bangdiwala, Univ. of McMaster, Canada: Statistics

Sylvain Lassarre, University Gustave Eiffel, France: Risk analysis & management

Yves Page, EVU France: Vehicle active safety and accident analysis

Mathew Varghese, St. Stephens Hospital, Delhi, India: Pre Hospital Care

Correspondence address

Room MS 815 Main Building

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India

Phone: 91-11-26566361; 26596557



Venue :

IRD Conference Room

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

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