Ph.D. Theses

S.K. Lohia

Development of service level benchmarks for sustainable urban transport in India

Amit Sharma

Urban landuse and transport modeling

Chetan Nagesh Doddamani

Residential self-selection and activity travel behaviour

Darbamulla Saibaba

Railway track pedestrian safety

Kuldeep Singh

Formulation of energy absorption model to estimate the pre-impact speed of motorcycle invlved in a crash on Indian roads

Lakshmi Devi Vanumu

Pedestrian and crowd modelling

Laxman Singh Bisht

Evaluating the effect of highway geometric on the safety of national highways of India

Mohit Kumar Singh

Cellular Automata Modelling of Multilane Signalized Junctions with Heterogeneous Traffic

Mukund Kumar Sinha

Evaluating public private partnership in urban rail in India

Nilanjana De Bakshi

Urban freight trip generation and estimation of factors influencing mode choice in emerging economies - Case study Delhi

P Devendra Kumar

Methodology for prediction of pedestrian injuries under different motorcycle-pedestrian impact scienarios

Rajesh Kumar

Human body finite element modelling

Richa Ahuja

Estimating post-crash accessibility to trauma care facility

Santu Kar

An empirical study on sustainable procurement in the construction industry

Sanyam Sharma

Prediction of thoracic injuries of occupants in car crashes

Shayesta Wajid

Ambulance location optimization for enhanced coverage and survivability in Delhi

Sparsh Johari

Development of a predictive model to assess the performance of a construction worker through skill development training

Shiv Priya

Assessing the future of E-rickshaw

Tarapada Mandal

Understanding pedestrian motion at mass gathering and evacuation process

Vijayta Tukaram Fulzele

Performance measurement in sustainable freight transportation

Vishal Rai

Landuse transport integration

Harikrishna Gaddam

Thorax model building and validation - diaphragm and aorta

Leeza Malik

Externalities of urban freight transport

Khyati Verma

Human body model (thorax modelling and its validation)

W A Lakew

Human body modelling requirements for vulnerable road users

S B Ravi Gadepalli

Vehicle and crew scheduling optimisation of city bus system

Sandeep Gandhi

Mode choice initiators in public transport demand modelling

H.M. Naqvi

Establishing relationship between elements of highway engineering on crashes on national highways in India

Hemant Kumar Suman

Analysis of travel behaviour and impact of demand management interventions on non captive bus users

Piyush Gaur

Thorax model building and validation - diaphragm and aorta

Achyut Das

Study of the effect of geometric design features on capacity of hill roads

Navdeep Kumar Asija

Road safety risk assessment of modern toll plazas and standardization of its geometric design

Priyansh Singh

Permanent failure of asphalt concrete

Rahul Goel

Measuring public health effects of urban transportation in Delhi

Gaurav Pandey

Modelling and risk assessment of heterogeneous traffic

Shalini Rankavat

Evaluation of road infrastructure for pedestrian safety

Deepty Jain

Methodology for preparing low carbon mobility plans for Indian cities

Sumeet Gupta

Road traffic injury prevention and highway safety

Bhagwat Shishodia

Heat transfer characteristic in helmet

Hariharan S Subramanian

Methodology for design of vehicle front of an urban car for safety of vulnerable road users

Mike W.J. Arun

Characterisation of long bones bending under impact

Mariya Khatoon

Statistical modeling for road crossing behavior of pedestrians on urban roads

Himani Jain

Development of a bicycle demand estimation model incorporating land use sensitive parameters: case of Pune city, India

S S L N Sarma

Travel demand estimation of low income households in informal settlements: case study

P.S. Kharola

A systems approach to estimate the optimal modal mix of passenger transport

O P Agarwal

Institutional arrangements for the provision of urban public transport

Hemant N Warhatkar

In-vivo measurement of constitutive properties

Dhaval Jani

Tool for positioning human body FE model

Anurag Soni

Study the effect of thigh and leg muscle activation on the response of human knee to impact loading

Mukti Advani

Demand model for public transport trips: case study Delhi

S M Hasan Mahadvi

Bus transit network planning for small to medium sized cities

Anurag Soni

 Study the effect of thigh and leg muscle activation on the response of human knee to impact loading

P. Praveen Kumar

Dynamic studies on shell materials and ventilation in motorcycle helmets

B. Karthikeyan

Characterisation of the comprehensive impact response of muscles

Anvita Anand

Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) Methodology for Urban Transport Projects

Akshya Sen

Optimal pricing of urban transport - A case of Delhi

Tushar Rajaram Gawade

Stability and crash worthiness of three wheeled vehicles

Pankaj Prajapati

Estimation traffic crash risk to different road users in urban areas and its impact on mode choice: case study Vadodara city, India

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