Faculty Position

The Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Centre (TRIP Centre) at IIT Delhi invites applications for the positions of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor.

As a Centre with a vision spanning multiple disciplines, we wish to build a team of researchers and practitioners with a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise. Applications are encouraged from people with academic training, research interests, and professional expertise in one or more of: transport planning and traffic safety; vehicular pollution (including air quality studies in built environments); transport economics; transport geography; statistics (with a focus on population studies); injury and chronic disease epidemiology; automotive safety; and impact biomechanics.

For regular faculty positions, we seek applicants who have a doctoral degree (PhD or equivalent) in any of the fields listed above, plus relevant post-doctoral experiences as per IIT Delhi norms. We strongly prefer candidates whose post-graduate training has been multi-disciplinary, and ones that are interested in a range of facets of road safety and transport infrastructure. Applicants with a track record of exemplary professional practice while serving in leadership positions can apply for the position of Professor of Practice. We also encourage applications for Visiting Faculty, which is a short-term position and enables researchers to engage with the Centre and explore future research opportunities.

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